Extreme Balconies, Dublin’s fastest-growing and award-winning balcony company, partnered with us for a comprehensive rebranding exercise. Specialising in high-volume modular balconies that are designed, manufactured, and installed in-house, the company sought to elevate its brand image.

Our first task was to redesign their logo. While retaining elements that evoked their previous branding, the new logo was crafted to be versatile and distinctive, capable of standing alone. It was crucial that this visual identity conveyed a professional and corporate aura, aligning with the company’s market positioning.

In addition to the logo, we developed a lead-generating website aimed at driving sales. To enrich the site’s content and appeal, we undertook extensive photography of completed projects and crafted compelling case studies. These efforts were geared towards stimulating organic growth and engagement on the platform.

The project proved immensely rewarding, with Extreme Balconies experiencing a significant return on investment in a short period.


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